Testing Project Night (Alpha Build – v0.1.15). Coming soon: New controls, New features…


Hello guys! I’m working on Project Night (Alpha Build v0.1.15).
I’m testing new areas and enemies, but what you’ll find in this new build?

1- Finally you can automatically unlock areas and saving your progress.
On main menu, will be available a new button “Load Game” and users will be able to load the game.
2- You can get files (like the items on v0.1.14) and save it automatically! You can read it everywhere.
3- I’m adding new details to levels.
4- New enemy design (still prototype), now looks like the “good puppet” from v0.1.14.
5- The Map! Finally the user can read a Map (if available).
6- After some feedback, i’ve choice to test a new controls for aim and fire. Now, with right mouse button (on v0.1.14 is “space bar”) you can aim (+ “A” or “D”) the enemy and shoot it pressing left mouse button.
7- If users wants read the map, read files or check the controls in real time, they must stop the player (so, not walking or running) and pressing:
“C” = Show/Hide Check Controls
“F” = Show/Hide File Menu (prototype version).
“M” = Show/Hide Map (if available, it will be automatically load)

Now, i’m also working on new areas, enemies and places, but it’s still working progress so will no be available in this build.

For Linux users. If you have errors starting Project Night (any build) from Desura, follow this step: Changing data folder name from “Project Night_Data” to “Project_Night_Data” and the game will start.

Thanks to everyone who is supporting this project! :)

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